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Transmissions 4-pack

Transmissions 4-pack

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TransMissions began as a home-brew recipe concocted over the years by a member of our packaging team. The recipe combined her two of her favorite styles - American IPA and Belgian Tripel - into one best-of-both-worlds 9.2% powerhouse. 

We started with a somewhat-traditional base of German and Belgian Pilsner malt typical of Belgian Golden Strong Ales, as well as a splash of Cara-20 and Red Malted Wheat for a beautiful burnt-orange tinge. The traditional approach ended quickly and we hopped it throughout the brew with Motueka and Mosaic, all topped with a healthy sprinklin’ of light candi rock sugar. We stayed true to our course and dry hopped it with restrained amounts of Motueka and Mosaic. This was our first experience brewing with Belgian Ale yeast, after all these years! It takes us back in time, and moves us equally forward with its deliberate blending and balance of classic Trappist ales and a disregard for tradition.

Notes of: Orange blossom honey, fluffy cotton candy, rock candy, those first few chews of bubblegum, old-timey circus peanut candies, and cooked pineapple. It's pillowy, warming, and ridiculously crushable.

A portion of the proceeds of this beer will be going toward @translifeline… which connects trans people to the community support and resources we need to survive and thrive. TransHealth envisions a world where trans people have the connection, economic security and care everyone needs and deserves.