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CIRCADIAN BLEND whole bean coffee

CIRCADIAN BLEND whole bean coffee

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Circadian Blend:

Tasting Notes:  Dark Chocolate, Almond, Berry

There is a force that drives the movement of all creatures on this earth.  We ride along with it whether we intend to or not. Some of us are morning perchers and some of us night lurchers.  Whichever you are, we all dance to the same beat, pulse, rhythm we did yesterday and the day before. When the morning sun creeps into your eyes and the mind awakens to this earthly realm, we reach for the same beverage that will both warm and energize us.   

This blend is the perfect accompaniment to your morning ritual or afternoon slump.  With its rich dark chocolate and gentle berry-like acidity, this coffee will ease you into your day with comfort and bliss.  

Sourced from:  South America, Africa and Asia.   

The components of the Circadian Blend will change over time due to the seasonality of the coffee crop. We will source coffees that keep the flavor profile of this blend consistent over time.