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Limoncello Milkshake IPA 4-pack

Limoncello Milkshake IPA 4-pack

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🍺 Another FUNKY and BLISSED OUT installment in our genre-defining culinary IPA series with @Omnipollo, Limoncello Double Milkshake IPA.

Like all of our delicious Milkshake IPAs, we brewed this one with a heavy bill pack with oats and hopped with the almighty combo of hand-selected Citra and Mosaic. We then hit this beer with a monstrous DOUBLE DOSE of bursting madagascar vanilla beans and a truly unwise amount of bold and flavorful lemon puree. 7.2% abv

💥 Notes of lemondrop lollipop, sweet vanilla custard and that bottle your Italian Grandfather stashed in your freezer during the holidays.